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How 10 Methods Have Helped 100 Companies to Increase the Facebook Fans by 500%
Strategy, Techniques and Case Studies
By Bruce Zhang
Feb. 5, 2014

After studying 100 cases on how companies have rapidly grown their Facebook fans, we found out that:

  1. There're really only 10 techniques or methods to grow a Facebook fan page though there're many ideas used for each technique.
  2. Choosing a right method at right time is critical to the success.
  3. Creativity plays a major role in acquiring and engaging fans.
Those promotion campaigns, from large to small, have increased the Facebook fans by more than 500% on average in 2 weeks to 2 years. When it comes to your fan page, the best practice is to start with one method and research on how others have used the same method to gain insights and execution details.

10 Methods to Get More Fans

You probably have a long list of ideas to get Facebook likes, but they are likely just the variations of one of the followings:

  1. Run Facebook Paid Ads.
  2. Publish a Stream of Interesting and Useful Content.
  3. Run a Contest to Get More Likes.
  4. Offer Incentives (discounts, coupons) to Get More Fans.
  5. Find the Similar Fan Pages to Share Posts or Links (S4S).
  6. Contact Influencers in Your Niche to Share Your Fan Page.
  7. Drive Traffic from Websites, Other Social Media Sites and Email List.
  8. Use Offline Promotion to Get More Likes.
  9. Ask People Like Your Page for a Good Cause.
  10. Promote the Fan Page with Creativity.
We'll get into the details how those techniques are used by many organizations later on.

Choosing The Right Methods

There're two things to consider when it comes to choose the best method to promote your Facebook fan page: 1) the size of your current fan base, and 2) your budget.

It's also important to know the range of the cost per LIKE or conversion rate of the method before launching a campaign. In many cases, they are not easy to measure.

25 Case Studies

The following is a list of case studies grouped by promotion techniques. Whether you're new to Facebook marketing or a social media veteran, you'll find inspirations, campaign ideas and implementation details here. The summary of each case study is also linked to a page with in-depth analysis.

Run Facebook Paid Ads
1   Heineken   For every time someone likes the page, a green balloon was blown up and placed in a office. Thousands of Likes were generated in just one day.
Campaign Started: 2012-01
2   Appliances Online   A Facebook ad campaign was launched to promote the content that people will connect to. They were able to grow the fans from 2,500 to 1 million in just two years. Facebook campaign also increased branded searches by 60%. The fan base has grown to 1.4 millions as of Jan. 2014.
Campaign Started: 2011-03
3   Baseball Roses   A custom page asks visitors to Like the page to get a free Baseball Rose Coupon. $200.00 spent to grow the fan base has generated $1,000 in Facebook revenue. The average sale per order is about $40. Today (Sept. 23, 2012), the fan base has grown to 17,065.
Campaign Started: 2010-10
Publish a Stream of Interesting and Useful Content
4   Worlds Fittest.   The Facebook ad campaign is linked to Goku, a superhero in DragonBall Z cartoon. The campaign increased Facebook likes on Erny Peibst Fitness from 600 to over 11,000 in just over 2 weeks. The first 4k likes were gained for just $12. The fan base has reached 31k as of Jan. 2014.
Campaign Started: 2013-06
5   Pool Supply World   At least two unique and spectacular pictures of pools and pictures of varying shapes, sizes, and designs are posted everyday. The Facebook fan page has gained 86,000 likes in less than a year.
Campaign Started: 2013-03
6   Just4MyPet.com   The strategy is to grow Facebook fan base with frequent and engaging weekly content, custom contests, and more. In 6 months, Just4MyPet.com gained 50,000 new Facebook fans and saw engagement increase by an astonishing 46,000%.
Campaign Started: 2013-01
7   Chocolate for Breakfast   Approximately 10 postings of delicious chocolate goodies and experiences are posted every single day, The page has received over 23,000 likes in just over one year.
Campaign Started: 2013-01
8   Boom Social   Customized pictures offer business tips. The fan base has reached 55,000 as of Jan. 2014.
Campaign Started: 2012-01
9   Discovery Communications   The visitors were not asked to Like a page for full access. The goal is to share interesting content and to Like a page for a reason. The campaign had gained 25 million Facebook fans and 1.4 million Twitter followers.
Campaign Started: 2008-01
Run a Contest to Get More Likes
10   Seigle’s Cabinet Center   A photo contest asks people to submit photos of their ugly kitchens. The winner of the contest will have $5,000 toward a kitchen remodel. The Facebook page likes has been increased by 1000 percent.
Campaign Started: 2013-08
11   Nasty Gals   The company ran a Sweepstakes giving away a gift card everyday for two weeks. The fan base had grown from 140k to 150k in two weeks. Today (Sept. 22, 2012), the fan base stands at 494k.
Campaign Started: 2011-12
12   Vermont Country Store   Sweepstakes was designed with a sliding scale to offer incremental prizes to grow Facebook fan base. The Store doubled their fan base to over 20,000 fans in less than four months.
Campaign Started: 2011-06
13   VH1   The viewers of TV programs are connected with the shows through contests and talent interaction. VH1 Facebook page had accumulated 3.1 million fans by Sept. 2011 and 5.1 million fans as of Sept. 2012.
Campaign Started: 2011-01
Offer Incentives (discounts, coupons) to Get More Fans
14   Pretzel Crisp   Coupons were used to grow Facebook fan base through a viral effect. The fans on the Facebook Page doubled, growing from 5,000 to 12,000 in just 36 hours. The initial coupon had a redemption rate of 87%, and the second coupon came in even higher with a 95% redemption rate.
Campaign Started: 2012-02
15   Citibank   Visitors can earn and share reward points with ThankYou citi rewards by liking the Facebook fan page.
Campaign Started: 2012-01
Find the Similar Fan Pages to Share Posts or Links (S4S)
16   jamescanz   Find Facebook fan pages in the same niche with a similar amount of Likes to share posts and links. 1,139 Facebook likes were accrued in 1 day without spending a dime.
Campaign Started: 2013-06
Drive Traffic from Websites, Other Social Media Sites and Email List
17   SpeechGear   An email was sent out to 42,800 contacts. The likes were increased from 3 to 181 in 4 weeks.
Campaign Started: 2012-06
18   PropertyMinder   An email was sent to the company’s 21,000 contacts along with a Google Adwords campaign. 293 new fans were gained.
Campaign Started: 2012-03
Use Offline Promotion to Get More Likes
19   Diesel   Shoppers in the stores could “Like” Diesel's Facebook fan page by scanning a QR code. Diesel has 3.6 million of fans on Facebook as of Jan. 2014.
Campaign Started: 2011-05
Ask People Like Your Page for a Good Cause
20   West Ashley Veterinary Clinic   Both organic Facebook posts and a paid promotion were done to make Facebook users aware of a donation program. West Ashley Veterinary Clinic saw 800 new likes within a 30-day period.
Campaign Started: 2013-02
21   IKEA   Visitors were asked to Like the fan page for perks. $1 is donated to Save the Children for each friend invited.
Campaign Started: 2011-12
22   BJ’s Wholesale Club   The company promised to add $1 to its current donation to "Feed the Hungry" for every new fan who liked its Facebook page. The Facebook fan page has 146,000 likes as of Jan. 2014.
Campaign Started: 2011-11
Use Multiple Techniques Together to Promote the Fan Page
23   New Belgium Brewing Company   A Facebook campaign was launched in coupling with other marketing efforts. The campaign added 7,000 new fans on top of their existing 70,000 Facebook fan base. The target website attracted roughly 100,000 unique visitors in 2 months.
Campaign Started: 2011-01
Promote the Fan Page with Creativity
24   Stüssy   A female model dressed many layers of clothing of Stüssy. Facebook users were encouraged to like the page to undress her.
Campaign Started: 2012-04
25   Prigat   A real juicer was activated by users smiling at the webcam or uploaded a smiling photo. The campaign gained 30,000 new fans. More than 20,000 unique users uploaded their photos via the Facebook app. It generated a lot of coverage in local newspapers as well.
Campaign Started: 2011-02
26   Smirnoff   Partygoers around the world shared their nightlife experience on facebook. The 2010 campaign generated 5,000 ‘likes’ and over 8,000 photos uploaded by partygoers.
Campaign Started: 2010-09

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