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Conversion Content Marketing

Appealing and useful content attracts, helps, engages, acquires and retains customers. Good content enhances the quality of a website and attracts natural backlinks that drive traffic. It is the best and most cost-effective way to rank well in search engines.

How to find ideas for content that many people will visit?

People will glad to visit your page if you provide content which is exactly what they're looking for. There're many tools available to research content ideas from blogs, tweets and etc. The best way to find content ideas is to study the popular online conversations. Millions of new conversations are initiated online everyday. The reasons that people ask questions is that the information they are looking for can't be found in search engines, or they aren't presented in an easy-to-understanding way. We've developed technology to scan over one billion of online conversions to discover users's content needs that match your subject of interests at real-time.

How to develop attractive content that will convert?

The content ideas discovered are often trivial even though they will drive traffic. We want to transform the trivial ideas into content that will convert and attarct social shares and backlinks.
  1. Find the common ground between users' information needs and the benefits of your offerings.
  2. Present information in a visual and concise way if the answer is complex.
  3. Present details if the answer is simple.

What types of content will be used?

We develop content that best suits a content idea using:
  1. Articles.
  2. Inforgraphics.
  3. Images.
  4. Videos.
  5. Interactive applications.
An interactive application will attract hundreds of thousands of unique visitors with little promotion. Our Social media case study database has been visited by tens of thousands of visitors without much promotion. This Vocabulary Size Test has been used by over 200,000 visitors to test their vocabulary size. The page has been ranked in top 5 in Google for more than 10 years without any link building.

How to effectively promote the conversion content?

The content idea is from the research that discovers the ongoing conversions and questions. We'll simply answer their questions with links to drive traffic. Each answer will be a piece of well-researched micro-content of 100-200 words which will have potential to drive search traffic as well. Many popular threads get lot of search traffic from long-tail keywords. We have the capacity to drive traffic from specific countries. Appealing and useful content will gain social shares and quality and natural backlinks if it reaches a large target audience.

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Natural link building service

How long will it take to see targeted traffic?

You'll see targeted traffic in the first day of the campaign.

Contact support@4th-media.com for an estimate to start your marketing campaign and see targeted traffic in a few days. .


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