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About 4th Media

4th Media is an Internet Marketing firm incorporated in the State of Colorado. Our mission is to help clients reach their target audience and boost organic web traffic from social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc.) and major search engines (Google, Yahoo and Bing). We offer audience research, audience reach, content marketing services, social media campaign services and link building services.

Since the inception in May 2005:

  • We've served hundreds of clients around the world - US, Canada, UK, New Zealand, Australia, and more.
  • We've successfully helped many clients to reach their target audience in online communities.
  • We've successfully promoted tens of thounsands of keywords.
  • We've successfully promoted very competitive keywords searched half a million times a month to top 5 in major search engines.
  • We have a high successful rate to rank keywords to top 10 in major search engines.
Our sucess in SEO is attributed to
  • The deep understanding on how social media and search engines work.
  • Continuous research and test on search engine ranking algorithms.
  • Regular monitoring on trends in social media and SEO industry.
Dr. Bruce Zhang, the founder and the President of 4th Media, has years of experience and strong academic background in mathematics, software development and online marketing.


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